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Fiat Ducato Motorhome

  • Automatic or Manual Motorhome ??
    The answer is quite clear only Buy Automatic Motorhome !! It can also be driven as a manual. It means you can pass the keys to anyone and they will drive it Also better resale value All our Motorhomes are Automatic/Manual - Comformatic

  • What type of Beds are most popular ?
    The most popular type of bed arrangements are either 2 single beds that convert to a double bed or fixed central bed at rear. The French bed (bed in corner) and East West bed are the beds that are NOT sought after. The French bed in the CI range was not popular and therefore discontinued 18 months ago. People are going away from this. It means if you wake up in the night and you are in the corner and you wish to use the bathroom then you have to wake up the person next to you to get out of the bed. IT IS IMPORTANT Only look for 2 Single beds or Fixed Central bed.

  • Why would i Buy from Walkabout Sales
    Walkabout is a Licensed Motorhome Dealer in New Zealand and has been in the industry for over 22 years selling both New & Used Motorhomes . We have built our reputation over this time by our past sales and trust. You would NOT want to be buying a Brand New Motorhome from a Unlicensed Motorhome Dealer working from home in NZ or a Unrecognised Official Dealer otherwise you are asking for trouble. You would also not be wanting to pay a deposit and waiting for delivery of your New Motorhome, you may never see your deposit again !! Walkabout Sales is a financially secure company and we can back that info for you in person.

  • Is Walkabout a recognised CI Motorhome Dealer
    Walkabout is the Official Licensed CI Motorhome Dealer for NZ . We are constantly communicating with the CI factory.

  • Why would i buy a CI Motorhome
    With 35 years building motorhomes in Italy for the European market and building over 5000 motorhomes per year. CI Motorhomes are one of the leading Motorhome Manufacturers in Europe. *All Motorhomes & Campervans include double glazing *All Motorhomes have a floor thickness of 75mm. Their proven reliability and track record means you are getting the latest in design and technology. Come and see us first to compare the difference

  • Why a Fiat Ducato ?
    Over 85% of Motorhome Sales in Europe are Fiat Ducato - The Most Trusted by Motorhome Owners . March 2015 Fiat Manufactured over 5 Million Fiat Ducato in Sevel Italy. Fiat also has a Worldwide Warranty unlike other brands. We also have a choice of other brands from the CI Factory. Our reputation is important that is why we only order Fiat Ducato from the factory both for Sales and our Rental company . See more info on the page on our website - WHY FIAT DUCATO

  • What warranty is on a NEW CI Motorhome
    New Motorhome has a 2 year warranty from date first registered. This is important as Walkabout has to arrange the vehicle warranty in New Zealand with Fiat which carries a 2 year mechanical warranty - subject to servicing intervals set out by Fiat as follows : 20,000km or definitely yearly (which ever occurs first). otherwise no warranty The Motorhome body carries a 5 year Weather Protection Warranty against leaks. Yearly Body checks must be carried out, as part of your Warranty Conditions. No annual body check on time .No Warranty (Maximum one month over the 12 month date of sale anniversary - otherwise no warranty The first two year body checks are FREE (providing not overdue )

  • What about spare parts for CI Motorhomes
    Providing the spare part is in stock in Italy the part will be delivered to New Zealand in 2 months by sea freight . We no longer air freight as too expensive

  • If you dont have the motorhome in stock what happens for payment
    We Dont Expect you to pay for Motorhome in full. We have Easy Payment Options where a $10,000 Deposit is required at time of sale. When Motorhome is built in factory about 8 weeks later second instalment is due. When motorhome arrives in New Zealand Final Instalment is due. Please note : Walkabout Sales is not responsible for any price increases from Fiat factory ,(cab & chassis) this is passed onto the customer , along with any Government carbon tax charges.

  • Solar Panels
    All our motorhomes include a 120 watt solar panel and all our motorhomes have a 100 amp AGM ( inhouse battery ) normally you can freedom park for 5 to 7 days . Most people move on after 3 to 4 days If you want more battery power and can easily be doubled in power by installing a Lithium Battery and also a MPPT solar panel regulator. Lithium Batteries are the answer today , they dont have a memory when recharging, or discharge and last up to 5 times longer depending on respect by the user . All our motorhomes have LED lighting and LED Television.

  • What NZ Standards comply for CI Motorhomes
    When the Motorhome arrives they are then certified for the following : Registered on road, Gas complied , Electrical certified , Self containment certified.

  • How can i trust Walkabout with my money when i place my order
    Unlike some companies at the time of sale when you pay your deposit , we can issue you with a letter from our bank that we deal with to verify Walkabout is a financially sound company.

  • What Paint Protection do you offer ??
    Walkabout Sales is the only Motorhome Company to offer Duraseal paint protection as an option. This means - NO POLISHING required , easy to wash , and protects the fibreglass body . This is a No Brainer when purchasing a New Motorhome and Guaranteed for the life of the Motorhome . The roof and windows of the Motorhome are also treated. We offer this to you at our discounted price.

  • What about a Towbar ??
    Yes all our vehicles are capable of fitting a towbar ( max 1500kg ) We also fit a towbar at our discounted price not retail !! IT IS IMPORTANT NO TOWING FOR THE FIRST 3000KM - on any NEW Diesel

  • Insurance for Your Motorhome
    At the time of sale we can arrange the BEST insurance possible on the market with the best coverage for your motorhome including an agreed value policy for 5 years We also supply this at our cost price to you as our valued customer . Ask us at the time of sale Policy is arranged on the day of collection