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I  have dealt with Shane for 6 years , he has gone extra mile.
Shane has not been like alot of organisations in that when youive paid the money the service stops .
i reccomend  Shane at Ci Motorhome sales withount any hesitation 
- thankyou for all you did  while we owned our Motorhome - all the best for the Future 
Michael Deane  Australia

After searching for a motorhome early 2019 we came across CI Motorhomes and from that moment our decision was made. 
Not only did we love the motorhome layout but we loved the no nonsense service we received from Shane. 
Nothing was to much trouble and any issues (although there was nothing major) were dealt with promptly and with a smile. 
Sadly we have had to sell our motorhome and without hesitation we asked Shane to sell it on our behalf. 
He took care of everything and achieved a very good price for us and made the whole process seamless. 
We strongly recommend CI Motorhomes and especially the great knowledge and service Shane delivers. 

Regards, Murray & Kat. 
My husband and I  live in  Canada and love to travel around New Zealand. We find the best way to see the country is in a motorhome. We had never owned one and after visiting a variety of sales centres, decided to buy our CI Fiat Ducato from Shane. We were impressed with the quality and design of the motorhomes at Walkabout sales. Shane provided us with the equipment we needed and even encouraged me to take it for a test drive! It came equipped with all the extras so we could get on the road, right away. He responds to our questions promptly and has ensured any warranty issues were fixed. We have confidence in Walkabout sales due to their long history in the marketplace. We would definitely recommend Walkabout Sales!
Janna & Joe

After many years of sailing, we decided on a change by way of touring NZ in a motorhome.  We spent some time looking at motorhomes to ascertain what would bets suit our requirements.  The  Sinfonia 65xt  stood out for us, both in terms of value and quality.  The deciding factor however was Shane – from the moment we first contacted Shane he was a delight to deal with.  In the first instance, he came in specially on a Sunday to show us the Sinfonia.  What struck us was his knowledge and passion for motorhomes, Shane took some time in explaining what we should be looking for in a motorhome.  Once we made the decision to purchase the Sinfonia he went the extra mile to ensure it was ready for us prior to Christmas even though the time frame was very tight.

In my typical bull at the gate manner I considered arranging for several extras for the Sinfonia to be fitted at the time of purchase, however Shane talked me out of doing that until we had used the motorhome for a period of time and we were certain that the extras were needed.  That epitomises Shane’s integrity in my view.

Shane has a huge infectious laugh (we enjoy cracking funnies just for the joy of hearing it) and nothing is ever too much trouble.  The after sales service has been nothing short of exceptional, I often (particularly when we first got the Sinfonia) phone Shane for advice; given his years of experience and industry knowledge, I find his recommendations invaluable.

We have grown to love our Sinfonia more and more as time has gone on and highly recommend Walkabout Motorhome Sales.  I can’t reiterate enough how service orientated and knowledgeable Shane is.  If you are looking at purchasing a motorhome, my advice would be to talk with Shane in the first instance – you won’t be disappointed.

Allan and Barbara Bluett

After spending many  months searching for the Motorhome to suit us, we were so happy to find Shane at Walkabout. He not only had the perfect model for us a Magis 66p  but just talked to us about it and did not at any time try to push it on us. We were given all the facts about it from the top to bottom and then just left us alone to decide what we were going to do. This was like a breath of fresh air to us because not only did he have stock available he was a nice guy with certainly the right skills to sell a product because of its qualities and features and let the customer make up their mind in peace.
We have needed to call him a couple of times since we purchased for advice on things and he has treated us the same as the first time we met him. I would thoroughly recommend him to any of my friends and family and will   know it will be a stressless experience.

Phil and Shona Wells

Shaney Boy,
I think you might sell a few more up this way, as we have had some oohing and aahing already from people in the street.. It looks terrific up the drive, not like my bank account…one goes up one goes down. Thanks for all the info and the towels, wine and chairs….the chairs look great….I won’t have to get up to refill my glass as there’s room for a bottle there as well……haha.
Hey it really has been a great experience and I know we wouldn’t have absorbed everything you said as you went over it with us but we did appreciate your thoroughness, passion and expertise. It was so so helpful dealing with someone who knew what he was talking about….apart from the occasional bullshit of course like “Oh no we don’t sell these with the gas bottle full” said with such a serious face. Your wife must have some laughs.
So we got back here safely, no hassles, the Magis performed very well and we even passed another motorhome going up hill….no snail this fella. I drove to Wellsford and Raewyn drove the rest of the way. Superb.
Now before I turn the fridge on I am going to flick thru the manual while I down my first coffee for the day. Thanks for all your help I am sure we are beginning a great adventure. Have a wonderful New Year  with family and friends and the lovely Noelene,

Don and Raewyn

Living in Europe, I was a bit concerned about the idea of buying a NEW motorhome in New Zealand. I didn't know which model would suit our needs, which company would be reliable enough to buy one from, or if I could make the investment in a safe and clear transaction.
I then compared every single company selling RV's in the country, and I'm happy I chose Walkabout!
First of all, they really know their business. I got all the advice I needed, and could then make my decision : a Kyros Prestige Duo. This is, in my opinion, the perfect choice, in regard to our way of traveling! It is a very comfortable and well-equipped vehicle, that has led us safely on many roads & campsites in New Zealand.
Last but not least, Shane, the owner, is a very honest, available and ... friendly person! He helped us in several occasions, even after we had purchased the motorhome!
10/10 kiwi quality service!!

Attn Shane
Just back from a lovely holiday in our new motor home. Lots of fun travelling around the East Cape and working out how everything works! Many lovely places to stay and the advantage of having many sites you are allowed to park on was great.
Thank you so much for the wonderful service given with humour and your great laugh. We looked for a long time for a motor home and are so pleased you talked us into flying to Auckland and seeing first hand what you had available. We are delighted with the Magis82P from the layout, comfortable seating and beds to the storage and the gorgeous furnishings.
Thank you so much for the lovely gifts, greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Noel Kennedy 

To whom it may concern

I recently brought a brand new CI Motorhome off Shane from walkabout Sales in Auckland an am so pleased with my new vehicle that i have also received awesome service an after service care was taken through the vehicle which i picked up on a sunday. Nothing was a problem for shane he was happy to answer the simplest of questions was so helpful i would recommend him to friends family an anyone really who was going to buy a motorhome. It was a absolute pleasure to deal with shane an wouldnt hesitate in the future to deal with him again.
A huge thank you  to shane from walkabout sales Auckland.

Regards Paula Cameron

We phoned  Ci Motorhomes NZ and from the very first phone call inquiring about the motorhome to meeting us at Auckland airport, nothing was a problem for Shane, any questions we had even after being away for the weekend we were greeted with a smile. The van itself is amazing, we were often asked by other campers if they could have a look inside and the common reply was "wow what luxury", and I agree the finish and detail is immaculate. On one occasion we used the Motorhome to transport a painting to get framed, and when we pulled up the framer was more interested in the Motorhome than the painting -what does that say about my painting !! As we start our retirement we plan many more trips up and down and around New Zealand.

 Russell & Elizabeth. - Otago

Shane thanks sincerely for meeting our wishes, to purchase this really amazing Motorhome. It was very recent that we found Walkabout Sales, and were taken with all the many features that we loved in this unit.

Shane, you have been amazing to deal with, answering our many queries regarding things we didn’t quite take on board the day we took delivery of our dream home on wheels.

We think we shall call her “Magical Magis” (Hope no-one pinches this name.)

Shane arranged for us to view one in Lyttleton, and as soon as we entered the home, we fell in love with this one. The people were amazing, so proud to show the many features, that sold it to them. What really caught our eyes, was the separate living, shower, and sleeping areas. This was a dominate feature for us. After searching  four or five years for the right one , we knew immediately, the Magis 66 is it, and much more!

It has that ‘Wow’ factor and for me especially, the house part is extremely well appointed, with a large Fridge/Freezer to house many meals we catch on the way.

Shane, from the moment we spoke firstly on the phone, until we met you, your laughing voice told us you are extremely proud to sell these models.

Pretty unbelievable was the Christmas parcel, and bottle of fine N.Z. Wine, and then two fabulous outdoor chairs, with small tables attached! O.M.G. we are blown away by the kindnesses and generosity of this company, ‘Walkabout Sales’ and won’t hesitate to highly recommend them to anyone showing an interest in the model.

Oh, hubby just loves sitting in the driving seat, and looks like the cat who got the cream, as we drive around. He is suitably impressed with the Fiat Ducato motor, and all the features this vehicle has.

Blue Tooth, aligned to our mobiles. I was amazed when a text message came through the radio, and as I accepted it, was read the message out! What vehicle has this technology? That was so funny, I had to hear that again.

In all, this has been a wonderful experience Shane, and an absolute pleasure to deal with you, we look forward to so many holidays and exploring our beautiful country, and calling to say ‘Hello’ Shane, when next in Auckland!

Thank-you Shane, and we wish you,  your wife and family, a Blessed Christmas, and a wonderful 2016!

Dianne & John Homan.
South Island

From the moment we discovered the CI Magis 66P Motorhome on internet, and made contact with Shane  at Walkabout Sales he responded to our calls and emails in a heartbeat. So professional was Shane, we jumped on a plane from Palnerston North to Auckland on a Saturday morning to view it. Shane offered to pick us up from the airport but we declined as it was an opportunity to stay with family. We arrived at the yard at Wiri and instantly developed a rapport with Shane. It was like meeting up with an old friend.  We viewed all the models in stock but fell in love with the Magis 66P. This model of M/H immediately ticked all our boxes and the price was fantastic. After a test drive and Shane going through all the features, fixtures and fittings, we left (and cancelled two appts we had to view other makes). We were sold!!  Shane personally delivered it to Wanganui for us. We've owned our Motorhome now for a year. It is everything we expected and more. Thanks Shane and crew for fantastic service. We wouldn't go past CI and highly recommend to anyone wanting to buy a brand new one. Keep up your fantastic service.
Kathy & David Bullot 


In 2014 we were trying to decide what to do for our vacation time. We couldn't  decide between caravan and motor home.
After investigating many different options in design layout and chasis type we found the CI Magis66. We ordered our Magis66 in September and true to their word Shane and Noelene delivered our beautiful new 2016 Magis66 in November 2015.
we were extremely lucky to make our first holiday experience a tour of the East Cape.Our new RV did everything we wanted.We spent every night in close proximity to the high water mark of some of New Zealand's most magnificent beaches. We were also able to take with us a small motor scooter which fitted in the rear garage that enabled us to  travel short distances.
Many places we stop people ask to have a look inside.They are always amazed at the finish and luxury of all the fittings and lighting.
 It is our dream "home away from home"
We would like to acknowledge the assistance we have been given by Shane and Noelene,as newbies how to manage the equipment on the Magis. We would recommend Walkabout,Shane and Noelene to any new purchasers they definitely go "above and beyond"!
Wok and Ellen Stehr

We owned a campervan in Australia for a while and had been renting  campervans for 4 years to explore around NZ and then decided to buy one as we had many more places to go and knew what we wanted in size, layout and features. We spent six months looking at every brand available in NZ, attending motorhome shows and talking to other owners before deciding on buying from Walkabout. Their campervans ticked all the boxes and Shane was such a pleasure to deal with that it was easy to take the plunge and buy the Magis 66P . We are very happy with our decision, it suits our needs perfectly. Shane answered all our questions (pre and post sale), he is a great ambassador for the CI campervans. 

Bruce & Carole - Auckland

Shane found time in his busy schedule to fit around our needs and always responded quickly to queries without ever leaving you feeling you have wasted his time. The Magis66p has a superb layout, a stylish interior and is competitively well-priced. Further, you know the price from day one. "Extras" in other dealers' eyes are included, a few minor requests were met at no charge and only significant, genuinely optional extras involved additional cost.

This is the second new motorhome we have purchased. We have had dealings with all the main players in NZ. In our opinion, Shane is easily "head of the class", a delightful man who understands customers' needs and really wants to satisfy them. We couldn't imagine working with anyone better."
Paul Stannard

We have found Shane to be very obliging and even fun to deal with. He is quite happy to have you ring or email with any questions or enquiries regarding the motor home and comes back with answers in a timely manner. He was also not phased when we asked to have the vehicle ready within 2 weeks, when we'd originally planned for 4. True to his word it was ready to pick up on time. When a couple of parts were needed they were on the courier and delivered pronto. We have also put some Fiat Ducato extras on which Shane has gladly arranged for purchase via his dealership connections. Regarding the Ci Motorhome we are very happy with the vehicle. It has a good sized separate shower with a deep tray. Good sized fridge freezer and comfortable seating. All important TV works really well. Good sized garage and plenty of storage. Overall a very nicely appointed vehicle which drives well. You are able to drive it on a car licence. It is easy to drive, the gearbox is very clever and does most of the thinking for you. We are certainly looking forward to some exciting and memorable trips in this motorhome.

Alison & John - Whakatane

Hi Shane and Noelene,
Thank you so much for the unexpected and most acceptable gifts you gave us.
The wine will be for our celebration in purchasing such a beautiful motor home.
Still can't believe it !!!
Shane you have been most helpful and patient and obliging through out the buying process
and we would have no hesitation in recommending Walkabout to any one.interested in purchasing a motor home.
Thanks again but you're not getting off that lightly Shane and no doubt we will be ringing you about something we missed in your most informative talk.
Such a lot to take in !!!!!!

Best Wishes Maureen and Owen -  Morningside

Attn  Manager
We had been looking for a motorhome for some time locally in the South Island and just couldn’t find the right one. On searching the internet we came across Walkabout Motorhome sales in Auckland. The CI Sinfonia was the one we were looking for, it had all the features we were after and more. We contacted Shane at Walkabout and started the ball rolling. We received the motorhome the following week which was delivered to us in Nelson. Shane met us in Nelson and spent a couple of hours explaining all the ins and outs of the motorhome. We have since spent a week away in the motorhome and it has met all our expectations and we are more than happy with it, looking forward to going out again. From start to finish Shane was professional and helpful and we would recommend anyone looking for a motorhome to give Shane at Walkabout a call.

Kevin and Christine. Nelson

Attn  Shane
its Ron and Maureen from Pukekohe, just want to say its been a pleasure dealing with you when we recently bought our CI Prestige. We looked at and road tested many models but found the Prestige very good value. We have only done 1400 kms so far but each trip it just runs better. People come looking at it and we show them through , its comfortable and pleasant to drive and very economical.  Feel free to refer any one to us who is considering a Prestige as we're happy to share about these great little camper vans

Ron & Maureen - Pukekohe



Just writing to THANK YOU so much for making the purchase of our new motorhome a delight. We searched for over 6 months to find ‘The One’ , looking at both New and Used vehicles. It took some time to actually figure out what was important to US and then it was hard to stick to that as some had some of the features we were after but not others. So it was a big learning curve and we had to find patience as we did want to own our own as soon as possible, after finally making the decision to purchase one. We found that dealing with you Shane made the whole process a delight. It was fantastic to have our new motorhome delivered to us in Taupo on Valentine’s day (This one is going to be tough to top). We have owned her for a month now and already been away 3 times. You have shown us great after sales support and been extremely helpful at the end of the phone, when we have needed some advice. The Motorhome itself has worked out perfectly for us and we are looking forward to many trips away, relaxing times and fun social adventures. Thanks again for the wonderful service you provide and we would recommend dealing with WALKABOUT SALES to anyone interested in buying/renting or even after any advice.

Lee & Ken (Kinloch).

To Shane and Team
I had been looking for a Motor-home for sometime to suit my needs.
From the moment I met Shane from Walkabout and he had shown me through the new 2015 Sinfonia I knew I would be purchasing one.
Even though Shane was extremely busy on the day I visited , he took the time to explain every detail and gave me plenty of information, I was able to go home and think things over which was great.
When Shane and Noleen delivered My new CI , Shane spent a couple of hours here going through everything we needed to know. Shane said he was a 100% behind the sale and was only ever a phone call away if I needed to talk to him.
I have been away in my new Motor-home and love it, it is everything Shane had said it would be.
Thank you to Shane and the team at Walkabout great people and great service

Regards Yvonne Theobald

Once my wife and I decided to trade in our Motorhome, Shane drove down to Palmerston North, collected our old one and took it back to Auckland where he sold it on our behalf. It sold in around 8 weeks at which point we confirmed our order for a new one to be imported from Italy. Shane delivered the new one to our home in Palmerston North and has been extremely accessible since then and nothing has been too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shane as a person of honesty, integrity and a pleasure to deal with..

Malcolm & Linda Plimmer

After much research, we had decided to buy a CI Sinfonia from Shane at Walkabout Sales.  We were sitting in the vehicle one  weekend in Auckland and asked if we could purchase it.  Shane said “No”.  Surprised, we asked why and Shane replied that some else had beaten us to it and that he had to be fair and wait until Monday for the deposit to be paid.  If not, we had first refusal and he was not prepared to go back on his word.  Monies were paid on Monday and, disappointed, we had to wait until January for a new model to be delivered.  However, it showed Shane’s integrity and that he was fair and true to his word.
3 days ago, we received our Motorhome which Shane delivered to the Wellington region, gave us a run down on the basics and threw in some other surprises as well.  Shane has been a pleasure to deal with and has an infectious laugh and good sense of humour and provides sensible advice.    Lovely Motorhome, lovely service. 
Thank you Shane.

Jill and Martin  Higgans

We had been seriously looking for a motorhome for the last 6 months. Having owned a variety of motorhomes over the last 12 years we knew what we were looking for, we had a budget; all we had to do was find the right vehicle!

We looked under every possible avenue, went and inspected a few that looked promising, but they did not measure up for a variety of reasons. We had been in contact with Walkabout Sales but thought they would be out of our budget range. We sent our daughter along to view their motorhomes and she came back with glowing reports about how helpful Walkabout were and she thought that one in particular would come extremely close to what we were looking for.

So we made a call to Walkabout  enquiring about Ci Motorhomes, then a trip to Auckland (cheap air seats!) and Shane met us at the airport with the vehicle. We were able to drive it back to their depot. Lovely vehicle to drive. After discussion Shane agreed to add some good extras and offered free delivery that made the difference. A flight home and a week later the vehicle was delivered to our door (just north of Wellington). Shane again went over the features and made sure we were happy with everything. Just before he left he re-stated that he was behind the sale 100% and for anything we only had to contact him.

We would whole heartedly recommend Shane and Noeleen at Walkabout Sales for helpful unpressurised deals. We are very happy having spent our first weekend away in our Brand New Ci motorhome.

N  Wagener

ATTN  Walkabout Sales  - Shane and Team,
We thank you for the good service you provided when we purchased our motorhome from you, we love our new Ci Motorhome. It is really good to drive and we are loving it. We have already spent several nights on board our home away from home!.
We will catch up with you sometime.
Regards and thanks again for everything

Brian and Ruby  Hayward
We have just purchased a CI Prestige Campervan from Shane at Walkabout Sales.
Our previous motor-home was a Fuso 6 Berth also from Shane.After down-sizing our property and looking at smaller vans we didn't hesitate in making contact again.
Shane is a friendly, honest person who continues to provide advice and service long after the sale (in our case 7 years!!)
The Prestige is so compact but has ample storage and the swivel seats perfect for relaxing in. The extra wide single berths, dining area with added bonus of another smaller berth for grandchildren. Totally impressed with clever ideas to utilize space in the toilet/shower area as well.
The total layout and decor has already been admired by everyone who has viewed....we look forward to more travelling in our new van.
Once again thanks Shane for your ongoing excellent service and delivering van to Whangarei for us.
Kind Regards,
Warren and Liz James
We purchased our Motorhome from Shane a couple of months ago. We are absolutely thrilled with it.
Shane was fantastic to deal with during the purchase and still continues to help us out.
We highly recommend you visit Shane if you are thinking of buying a motorhome because he rearly knows his stuff.
Thanks again Shane.

Maurice and Sheryl
To Walkabout Sales
Just would like to say a big thankyou for the excellent service and extremely personal service we received from you on the recent purchase of our CI Motorhome from Walkabout Sales. Cannot speak highly enough of you. We would thoroughly recommend that anyone looking for a new motorhome to look no further than Walkabout. Great service, attention to detail and great communication. We had the pleasure of using our motorhome for the first time just three days after receiving it and had a great experience and just can't wait to use it again this weekend. These motorhomes are absolute luxury. Well Done.
Dawn & Grant Marshall
To Walkabout Sales
Attn Shane
Lynne and I are really pleased with our recent purchase of one of your  campervans. We have already had two successful weekends away locally and the van travels very well and has a very comfortable living space. I know we are going to have a lot of fun with the van over the next few years.
We would also like to thank you for making the sale so hassle free. We really appreciate the fact that you managed to get the van ready for us and delivered it to our home at such short notice. Your after sale service and follow up has been excellent.
With us being totally new to campervans you have taken the time to explain how to use the van and get the best out of our new purchase, which gives us great peace of mind. I have already recommended Walkabout to one of my work colleagues who is interested in buying a van.
Thanks again.
Lynne and Paul from Pt Chevalier



I couldn t have brought my  motorhome from more obliging, genuine, and continuously so, people.
they  presented the vehicle well with many extras within and also were more than willing to address
anything I felt needed a little titivating.
Anything extra I wanted doing out of the boundaries and more for my benefit they had contacts who were very efficient 
and excellent work was completed.
The vehicle has more than proved how work efficient and comfortable it is especially on the interesting and challenging roads in New Zealand.
The standard at Walkabout Sales n Rentals I would say are excellent and their after care and their warranties are very good
 covering 2 years, most are seeminly 1 year so that was very beneficial.
Many Thanks for your help and going the extra mile with no worries.
More than that continuing to do so.
Kindest Regards.

Jennie  Chaddock



After looking at many motorhomes / campervans we visited Shane at Walkabout to view their selection of homes, we were very impressed with the open plan of the 6 berth and the very high quality of the finish inside and out.
We had looked at Fiat, Mercedes and Ford but we were sold on the Mitsubishi Fuso based on our own reviewing and feedback from people in the transport industry.
Whilst we blew out our budget and bought the low km 2008 Fuso 6 berth we are very pleased with the investment and are very proud owners, you would not know that this motorhome has been a rental. The whole vehicle is in immaculate condition.
During the pre purchase period Shane replaced the front tyres without question and followed up with a new DVD player which was on order at the time of purchase.
Shane was very pleasant and professional with the entire purchasing process and follow-up , I would have no hesitation in recommending Walkabout Sales.

Don & Carol Stuart


Shona and I have owned several motor homes over the past twenty years, and  recently purchased  one from the Auckland office of your company Walkabout Sales.

We shopped around several companies before coming to you, and had all but decided on another. However Shane was just so friendly and helpful, and the vehicle he showed and consequently sold us was the best value for money we came across in our search..We know we have made the right decision and  look forward to a long and happy relationship with  Walkabout, and our new vehicle.

This letter is totally unsolicited.


Allan & Shona Armstrong


Dear Walkabout Sales
As first time Motor home owners Beverley and I were concerned at making the right decision about our purchase. We pursued the net, looked at for sales yards and visited several private For Sale Motor homes. It wasn't until we discovered Walkabout Sales .Shane that we felt comfortable with making a decision. Shane sat down with us for over 2hrs and went through all sorts of scenarios of what we needed and how he could help, it was for us very assuring to have a real genuine person whom we had just met giving us un bias advise on such a large capital investment. We certainly have NO regrets with the purchase we subsequently made. We purchased a  Mitsubishi  Fuso 6 berth Motor home because of the décor, the roomy layout and the practicality of the whole home! (The grand kids just love the D V D).Everything Shane promised was done, even down to the delivery time and date.Since delivery we have had several text messages and emails just as follow up by Shane to see if things are all well. We have only owned our Motor home for 3 weeks and already are realising the opportunities that a Motor home gives us. Thanks Shane for selling us a product that we know will serve us well and we feel that we have made a great friend that is truly genuine. Keep up the good work,

 Edwin & Beverley Smith                                 

We  purchased a 2006 6 berth Motorhome from Walkabout Sales in June 2009. Although we had a caravan over 20yrs ago this was our first venture into a Motorhome. We had spent around 8mths looking at all the options and reading up and talking with friends about the pro's and con's of all the options. Then we stumbled across Walkabout and were persuaded by Shane that we should take a look at what he could offer. Although we took another few weeks to actually take up his offer to visit, our minds were made up instantly with what we saw and Shane's relaxed manner. This Motorhome met all our major criteria like, Japanese motor, outside lockers, 2 tables, king bed, and space, space, space.Shane then delivered it to Napier and negotiated the tight parking area with ease. We found Shane extremely easy to work with, giving honest advice and sound reasoning.To those looking for a Motorhome I would advise them to check out Walkabout Sales before buying as you may be pleasantly surprised by how much they have to offer. We have a solar panel which is Great
All in all a great deal, thanks Shane at Walkabout .

 Shona & Graeme  Blank

Dear Walkabout Sales
We would like to thank you for the excellent and friendly service you gave to Judith
and myself in the purchase of our new 6 berth motorhome in March 2009.
Your help for our extra requirements and requests for alterations have been outstanding. 
Your attention to detail and the quality of workmanship  on the motorhome is outstanding.
We would recommend anyone wishing to purchase a roomy high quality motorhome to go
no further and contact Shane at Walkabout Motorhome Sales.
We wish you all the best for your future sales.
 Peter & Judith
Half Moon Bay


We have no regrets whatsoever about buying our motorhome from Walkabout Sales and Rentals. They have proven themselves by always being friendly, ready to help us promptly with any situation that may occur, providing us with helpful advice and hints etc and taking an interest in us and our travels. They are genuinely honest, decent people to deal with and we highly recommend them. We love our motorhome.
Faye & Neil Way

Hi  Walkabout Sales - Attn Shane
Martin and I would like to say a big thankyou to you for all your help and support through our journey of buying a motorhome on 15/11/08 .Your service was outstanding and always done with a smile or shared laughter even when I asked some ridiculous questions.  Your continued support during the purchase process and organising of our solar panel and awning along with the installation was greatly appreciated.

We are really happy with the motorhome we purchased from you and would not hesitate in recommending you  and your motorhomes to others. We wish you all the best for the future and thank you once again for going the extra mile to ensure we were happy with our motorhome. Regards
 Karin  King

*We have just purchased a 6 berth motorhome  9/11/08 from Walkabout. Having previously owned both caravans and motorhomes were impressed with the roomy layout and amazing storage.. especially the outside lockers. Shane is informative,helpful and a super friendly guy to deal with. Our van was delivered to Whangarei and the after sales service continues. We would throughly recommend anyone wishing to buy a motor-home contact Walkabout first.
Warren & Liz James

*As owners of a new Walkabout Motor Home we have much pleasure in writing to you .
Right from day one when we first met Shane and viewed a 6 berth Motorhome we have been most impressed by his honesty,integrity,professionalism and friendly manner. During the whole process of our Motorhome construction Shane kept us up to date on progress. We were able to choose our own colour scheme which makes it personal to us and no matter how busy shane was he always returned our calls and went out of his way to accommodate our fussy requests. We can Vouch for the workmanship of the Motorhome it is of the highest quality throughout and we are proud to show off at every opportunity. We wish shane and his Walkabout Sales Team every success in the future .
Phyll & Roy Jones

* It has been our pleasure to have chosen to buy our 1st ever motorhome through WALKABOUT  SALES & to have had dealings with shane. we had absolutely no experience in motor-homing but he showed much patience & a mass of information that made us feel quite comfortable to trust him & his advice to the point that after many questions we bought our brand new motor home from his company. since our purchase shane has shown great interest in how we have made progress in our adventure into camper-vanning firstly in the 10 mth journey in the S.I, & now our trip to aussie. walkabout & shane have provided freely information in problem solving & have been able to advize us on great buying on xtra additions we have added to our original  purchase. any new motor homer would be well advized to talk to shane who has untold knowledge about vehicles & there accessories. both my partner & i feel we have got a great relationship with him & his company that will last a long time.
   Lois May  &  Eldred Irving

*  After 8 months of researching and inspecting many campervans all around Auckland region, and discussing options with many sales people we finally found a refreshing, no nonsense approach at Walkabout Rentals.  The website provides a detailed summary of the products on offer and what you see is what you get.  A good quality, well built camper that can stand the rigors of a family of five, easily.  What you don't see from its website is the comprehensive and knowledgeable benefits from the Walkabout team.  Other sales people were just looking to sell a product, Walkabout Rentals were seeking to pass on much more and proved why you should buy NZ made.  Shane knew we would appreciate seeing the camper at our place to work out if it would fit in when we finally bought it.  He turned up on time with a well presented vehicle.  We had a detailed explanation of all the features and being new to this side of the industry; (we are seasoned campers and caravanners) we were treated to any in depth explanation of the merits and an honest representation of the sometimes disadvantages of owning a camper (very few).  The test drive proved how easily we could handle the vehicle.  All questions were answered openly and honestly. After buying our 6 berth the camper we found the masses of storage coped with all our fishing, kayaking, swimming and barbecuing needs on our three week outing around the north island.  The vehicle easily handled the trip all the way up to Cape Reinga.  The twin table seating options at each end give plenty of space for everyone.  The sleeping configuration is great.  The shower/toilet is adequate and when popped out the bathroom window provides a nice outdoor shower after the remote beach visits.    And who says you can't take it with you.  Following Walkabout's advice on the camper frame we were able to get a roof-rack, ladder, awning and bike rack added.  With a solar panel on the roof who needs electric hook up!Our thanks to Walkabout and Shane in particular.  All your efforts and assistance have been much appreciated.  Walkabout are certainly highly recommended.
Jeff  Stagg

* We recently purchased a new motorhome in Feb 2008 from Walkabout Sales after viewing many vans and talking to many salespeople  (mostly only once) We found the service given by Shane & Noelene both before and after the sale to be exemplary Nothing was too much trouble , and at all times felt the genuine interest in their product and clients .
We would recommend all who require advice and service of a pleasant and knowledgeable team to contact Walkabout Sales , and wish them every success in the future .
Mac & Lyn Mc Grath

* Thankyou Walkabout you where the only ones that came back to me when i was looking for a campervan, so in my book that  makes WALKABOUT  The best to deal with and as for the campervan ,! We Love it ! very nice and good people to work with Regards 
David A Mckay

Having recently taken delivery of one of your latest six berth Luxury motorhomes . We wish to thank you for your excellent service in supplying it delivered almost to our home ,also in the way you have built it and fitted out the vehicle to such a very high standard. The features are almost to numerous to mention & us having had two previous motorhomes  & done extensive research we found that Walkabout Campers was best suited to our needs , especially the extensive exterior lockers , & most important for extended motorhoming . Once again we thank you for your excellent service to us -
Don Mc Millan

I purchased a vehicle of you on the internet.  Sight unseen from Scotland,  I wish to thank shane for his Great help and advise  , The vehicle is immaculate ,we love our motorhome ,thankyou Walkabout sales keep up the Great service -
Brian Detmar

We bought our Mitsubishi Motorhome of you ,and would like to thank your friendly team for the help and good service you gave us , nothing was a problem , thanks for your patience ,we are now having a great time with all our grandchildren -  
Robyn & George Mc Nabb

I just thought i would drop you a line to thankyou for all the help you gave myself and my wife ,we are glad we picked the 6 berth , we love the motorhome ,you people know your stuff and it is good to see , you did everything you said you would ,even deliver to Rotorua , once again many thanks  -
Derek Turner

Just a quick note to say a big thank you to all your team , we recently arrived in nz , and wanted a late model spacious motorhome ,with 2 single beds at the rear  and was very impressed with your Mitsubishi Fuso 6 berth ,as we had a 4 berth swift  Kontiki in UK , but it was very cramped , we did not want to do the 4 berth thing every night ,make the bed up ,so we decided to buy a 2007 model . This RV  is so easy to drive , and so spacious  , we thankyou for delivering it to us  , and for the bottle of wine , pleasure doing business  .
Barry  Weissenborn

* Dear  Walkabout
Now that our fine weather has returned, I have been able to go over the camper more thoroughly, after purchasing it at the beginning of July  08, And we have been very impressed with the overall standard, especially under the couches etc, where obviously  Walkabout took the time to impart into the vehicle a standard of workmanship that is rarely seen these days. Again, thanks very much for your personal touch  Shane , and for the chopping board, which Lyn thinks she will frame, rather than use it.

Dave & Lyn Taylor