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There are  motorhome companies that have come and gone over the years and companies
that have just started selling motorhomes as we speak  now ,
and stating they have been in the motor industry for along time
But  NOT  the motorhome industry .
Without the possible financial capital required today this also means,
they could be here today and gone tommorow ! .
So you could pay your deposit and you lose your deposit on your motorhome to the receivers. 
This has happened just recently
This means no spare parts or future  support  for you  the customer  !!

Yes  !!  we  sell motorhomes all over new zealand and we supply spare parts for your ci motorhome


In  a World today we all want to know that we are dealing with a reputable company  !!  For a number of reasons 
A company that has both the product  knowledge of the motorhome and the skill  to sort  technical  items out 
One that has been around for a long time  ( 25 years  )  in fact and a main player in the motorhome industry,  both  Rentals  & Sales
Always consider a company that is in a Excellent financial position before purchasing a Motorhome
When you are dealing  with the  Walkabout  Group of Companies   -  (  Walkabout  Sales  &  Walkabout  Rentals  ) 
we would like you to know that both of these companies are  Financially  Secure
When you pay your deposit on your motorhome  you can be confident and assured your payments are safe and you will receive
your motorhome to enjoy and travel New Zealand
Walkabout can provide a letter from our bank at the time of purchase to indicate Walkabout  is a strong financial company 
This gives you peace of mind for the future 

You will also receive the ongoing technical support  from a trusted  dealer