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Monday, May 10 2021

Is your motorhome sitting round  ??
While its not being used  it is important to prolong battery life 
of both the start battery and also  inhouse battery 
Yes you will have a solar panel  but this is only a surface charge  on your batteries

A deep charge  is required which means  you must plug into mains power  at least  twice a month 
for a couple of days at a time  ...  this  gives all your batteries a deep charge  - and long life
when batteries  fully charged  the  smartcharger in the motorhome  will switch off  .

If you dont do this  then you will have battery issues  sooner than later  

Please note  :
You can  Not put a cover on your motorhome  .. No solar panel  and  it will damage Duraseal  
And when parked inside a shed or under carport you will need to be plugged in to power all the time  

Dont forget  to Leave  your  Control  panel left on all the time  ( so it shows the orange light ) 
and light in middle is plugged in charging 

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Monday, May 03 2021

Fiat  Ducato  9  SPEED  AUTOMATIC   (  Start /  Stop  )      

The introduction of the  smooth  Fiat Ducato
9 speed  Automatic  is  certainly  Brilliant  !!!

But it has  for the European Market  a  Start  / Stop  -   
Which is ONLY  designed  for  European Market  -   NOT  NZ  
( so when you stop the vehicle  with the brake  , the engine turns off 
and when you release brake engine starts  and you can drive off  ) 
This is not only annoying  , but reduces the life of  starter motors  , battery life   ,
and  more  engine wear  in any brand of  vehicle 


In  New Zealand  we  Do Not  use  this ....   
as soon as you start the  engine  you must  deactivate  this  as per photo 

And  Then when deactivated  orange light comes up and 
on the  dash a  symbol comes  up  on dash momentarily  to indicate 
Start - Stop has  been deactivated  .

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