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Saturday, October 27 2018

Any Questions you have on a Ci Motorhome ??

Reply to this blog with your question and we will answer this for you 

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Friday, October 19 2018

YES  - Fiat are Going Adblue  Diesel  approx  March to May  2019 
We have just been notified  by Ci Motorhomes Italy
Fiat have tried to avoid this for sometime  but this is in line with the demands of the world emmision standards 
So it will be called Euro 6D

What it means  as a purchaser ??
Increase cost of the base price of the vehicle we have been advised by italy would be approx $4000 to $5000 
Overall increased costs -  additives etc 

What is the answer  ?
Definitely would be beneficial to purchase a New Motorhome now before the change and the price increase 

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Thursday, October 18 2018


We have just picked up our New Riviera  82XT and we are Over the moon 
Thanks Shane , Heres to many happy miles and memories
Regards J & S 

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Monday, October 15 2018


Our Latest Video  - Ci Riviera  82XT  

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Saturday, October 13 2018



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Sunday, October 07 2018

Why was Fiat Ducato chassis voted for best chassis to use for motorhome in its class  ???

Not all manufacturers of chassis are the same - it is very important to understand this for the following reasons

Most important  factor is


The Fiat Ducato has an increased rear track (1980 mm, category best-in-class, 190 more than the standard track) permits greater stability on the road -  and offers greater width for the living cell.

This is important - if you dont have the wider rear axle on a motorhome in this class -
then a vehicle will wander all over the road and hard to control on the road .
We have seen this happening with some other brands of chassis  - they are on the market  today -

This is why  Fiat Ducato is recognised in europe as the best selling motorhome with at least 85% of sales the Fiat chassis

You have to remember -
In the Fiat Ducato Factory  in Sevel Italy  - they are still manufacturing 1000 units per day   !!
You did read it right  - YES one thousand units per day 

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Thursday, October 04 2018

There is a number of customers asking us about the number of safety belts in ci motorhomes ?

We are repeatedly asked this question as we hear some motorhomes out there that are sold as a 4 berth motorhome and only have 2 safety belts  - we believe it should only be advertised as a 2 berth only  . As very misleading if advertised as a 4 berth.
This will also affect resale value  

To add 1 extra safety belt can be $3500  and upwards in costing  - depending on whats required  to be modified
on the motorhome to meet regulations.

You will be pleased to know our 3  berth Kyros  Duo Prestige has 4 safety belts 
And our Ci Triaca 4 berth motorhomes  have  4 Safety Belts  
ALL  other models  have  5  safety  Belts  all certified  

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