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Wednesday, August 29 2018


We are receiving a number of calls from customers who have purchased a motorhome privately , or of a Dealer 
( who they thought were  the official recognised dealer  for that brand )  which  they found out later was  incorrect information  
so now they are up against trying to obtain a part  for that brand  or getting the fault fixed  is a problem  - no parts  
There are a number of parallel  import dealers who are not the  Licensed  dealer for that brand  being sold  - 
so check the  brands main website to see if that dealer is the official  dealer for that brand of motorhome  - before purchasing 

Be aware - A number of dealers  will not supply a part  to you , or the price could be inflated  if you have not purchased your motorhome in NZ of the official dealer. ( Ci Motorhomes NZ -  do not operate  this way )  

Also check to see  how long the dealer has been in the industry  -  You dont want them here today and gone tommorow  !!
Walkabout  Motorhomes have been in buisiness for 19 years  -  still same owners from day one   !

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Friday, August 24 2018
New Motorhome  NZ


New Zealand is a paradise !!  And we need to get out to enjoy our paradise , especially that spring is just around the corner  
You have worked hard all your life  and nothing would  be better than to have a New Motorhome with all the comforts of home.
To many people buy a cheap motorhome  and regret it as it doesnt have all the nice things we want as we get older .

So with your nice new motorhome , you would not be wanting to leave home unless you have Duraseal  Done  !!
(Can only be applied when vehicle is brand new )

Duraseal is a paint protection  to prevent the elements of nature ( sea spray, sun , rain etc ) from damaging your motorhome .  
Walkabout Sales is the only Duraseal motorhome dealer NZ
the product has been around for many years and comes with a lifetime warranty .
It  makes the vehicle easier to wash  , and prevents the surface to oxidise  - like what happens on fibreglass .

For our  SPRING  SPECIAL   -  (from now until  30th September  )
we are offering FREE DURASEAL  on any New Motorhome purchased  from Ci Motorhomes  NZ

Walkabout  Sales  - 19 Years in the motorhome industry  -  Family owned  we care  

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Monday, August 20 2018

Ci  Fiat  Motorhome blog  NZ  -  Tips    

We love Fiat Ducato at Ci Motorhomes and we have a choice of brand  out of the factory  - but we only choose Fiat Ducato  
Bearing in mind 85% of motorhomes in europe sold are Fiat Ducato  -this  tells you everything  !!

The Question was asked while discussing with technical team while at the Fiat Factory  (Sevel ) Italy  -  The answer was given 
YOU DO NOT need a rear wheel drive when the vehicle weight is under 4500kg  ( as long as you have traction control on the fiat  ducato  )  

Friendly  reminder for all our valued customers  about  Fiat Ducato   - (Comfort-Matic  Gearbox)

* Do Not left foot brake when driving - or straddle the brake and accelerator at same time when braking  -  
* Do Not hold the vehicle on a hill  with the accelerator  
* No Gull Diesel  in Fiat Ducato  - advised  by Fiat and Ci Motorhomes 
* Servicing  is  required every 12 months or  20,000km  (which ever occurs first )   -
   must be serviced at a Fiat dealer ONLY.
   This is for  ( campaigns ) or software upgrades  which are frequent - very important  at a Fiat dealer for correct oils etc  
* Fiat service centres can be found here-  

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Friday, August 17 2018

Ci  Motorhome Warranty  ( Terms & Conditions ) 

-  Every time a New Vehicle is  Sold - Every Customer gets the same paperwork to sign  ,
and they agree to the terms and conditions of  warranties  below

Fiat Ducato
Has a 2 year warranty  from when the date it is first registered in New Zealand .
Providing That the  vehicle is  serviced at a Fiat Dealer ONLY  -( on our website )
  EVERY -   12 MONTHS   (  OR  15000KM  )   -  From date first registered in NZ 



Ci  Motorhome

Motorhome must have a body check every 12 to 13 months  from when vehicle is  first registered in NZ    ..
If this is not actioned   in the 12 to 13 months anually  time frame  ( every year for 5 years same month as registered)
Then there is  NO  water  ingress warranty  whatsoever , and the 5 Year Water Ingress warranty  will be  terminated  immediately.
(as per  manufacturers Terms and Conditions on the vehicle )
see  below in red
( All   New Purchasers are  explained  this upon collection  and  every New owner 
has  to  sign the documents below  on collection of there  New  Motorhome )



*Servicing is required every  12 monthly at a Fiat Dealer only     ( Maximum   - 15000km ) 
which ever occurs  first                        ************* Do NOT Rev engine to start
*Only use (Selenia  WR Engine 0W 30 ) Oil obtained from a Fiat Dealer to top up oils
* Maximum 200KG weight in Garage otherwise damage will occur – Excluded  by warranty  (9 Speed Fiat Only) 
*Do  NOT Labour the  Diesel Engine at all – Change Down a gear
*Do  NOT put adblue  into diesel   Tank   -  ( only put  adblue  into blue  adblue  cap  ) 
*Vary Your driving speed and style very important in the First 4000km to run in engine
*Do Not drive like a snail – the diesel engine will remain like a snail – Euro 6 engines  do NOT like this
*Make sure you wet the vehicle first to wash – using a soft car brush  is important  to wash
*If your motorhome has been Durasealed -  wet vehicle first and only use soft wet sponge to wash
*Do not use brush to wash windows they will scratch – hose first and use a Micro fibre cloth
* Do NOT use a water blaster to wash vehicle – Never  ever
*If a towbar is fitted do NOT tow anything for the first  4000 kilometres   
*Vehicle body must be checked  every   12 to 13 months from  new registration by Walkabout  Sales. Customer  must  Contact  Walkabout  for service agent close to their  area – (Required for  motorhome body warranty,( Customer must follow up  themselves  every  year  for 5 years  - for warranty to be honoured )  No body check yearly  no warranty . 2 years Free Body check by Walkabout  Sales  from  New
*Do Not turn into a steep drive as the bumper will scrape on the road  and will become damaged
*No modifications to motorhome can be performed  without  prior  authorisation  by Walkabout Sales. Failure to do so will terminate your warranty  -
* Do Not drive over kerbs  pot holes or rough terrain as you could crack joints or damage  motorhome  which will affect  your warranty
*Water ingress  warranty is maximum  5 years from date first registered  in New Zealand
Any warranty claims must be authorised first by Walkabout before a repair is made or this could void your warranty .  There is no warranty on a  Ci motorhome  when it is used  for the purpose of hire .
I  have read and understand  fully the Terms and Conditions above and in owners  manual  and failure to adhere to both  could void your  warranty  for your  CI  Motorhome 

I  Have received  the following  paperwork  : Invoice , Supplier  Information Notice,  Ci  owners  Term

Vehicle  Registration Number  -    ........................................

Yours  Sincerely 

........................................                                            .....................................................
(Owner)                                                                                               (Print  Name )  

All customers are  advised  to read blog  when vehicle  is purchased from  New

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Thursday, August 16 2018
Motorhome  Insurance  NZ

When it comes to insuring your motorhome it is very important to check the policy wording - some insurance companies dont cover standard things like awnings , windows on motorhomes etc .
We have done alot of research and our opinion we have found the best insurance cover at the best price  - so if you want the best insurance cover at a good price  email us for a quote  with  the following info   (  make , year and  model of motorhome -  WOF or  COF  )   
Email us  here

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