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Monday, August 20 2018

Ci  Fiat  Motorhome blog  NZ  -  Tips    

We love Fiat Ducato at Ci Motorhomes and we have a choice of brand  out of the factory  - but we only choose Fiat Ducato  
Bearing in mind 85% of motorhomes in europe sold are Fiat Ducato  -this  tells you everything  !!

The Question was asked while discussing with technical team while at the Fiat Factory  (Sevel ) Italy  -  The answer was given 
YOU DO NOT need a rear wheel drive when the vehicle weight is under 4500kg  ( as long as you have traction control on the fiat  ducato  )  

Friendly  reminder for all our valued customers  about  Fiat Ducato   - (Comfort-Matic  Gearbox)

* Do Not left foot brake when driving - or straddle the brake and accelerator at same time when braking  -  
* Do Not hold the vehicle on a hill  with the accelerator  
* No Gull Diesel  in Fiat Ducato  - advised  by Fiat and Ci Motorhomes 
* Servicing  is  required every 12 months or  20,000km  (which ever occurs first )   -
   must be serviced at a Fiat dealer ONLY.
   This is for  ( campaigns ) or software upgrades  which are frequent - very important  at a Fiat dealer for correct oils etc  
* Fiat service centres can be found here-  

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