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Thursday, October 04 2018

There is a number of customers asking us about the number of safety belts in ci motorhomes ?

We are repeatedly asked this question as we hear some motorhomes out there that are sold as a 4 berth motorhome and only have 2 safety belts  - we believe it should only be advertised as a 2 berth only  . As very misleading if advertised as a 4 berth.
This will also affect resale value  

To add 1 extra safety belt can be $3500  and upwards in costing  - depending on whats required  to be modified
on the motorhome to meet regulations.

You will be pleased to know our 3  berth Kyros  Duo Prestige has 4 safety belts 
And our Ci Triaca 4 berth motorhomes  have  4 Safety Belts  
ALL  other models  have  5  safety  Belts  all certified  

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