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Tuesday, January 15 2019

ALL  CI  MOTORHOMES INCLUDE A SPARE WHEEL    ( only Triaca and Kyros does not )

This is arranged exclusively through Walkabout and Ci Motorhomes Italy  only  - 

Please Note the following with your spare wheel :

  • You have access to wind the spare wheel down behind the right rear wheel
  • You must cut the cable tie first to hold the spare wheel in the carrier otherwise it will not wind down
  •  The jack extension handle can be found in your black  Ci  bag
  •  The jack can be found in its case under the front passenger seat  - ( you must remove panel to get case out)
  •  If you have campercare insurance there is road side assistance 
  •  All tyre pressures on all  Ci Motorhomes range from 60 minimum  to 65 psi   ( Maximum) 
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