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Friday, June 17 2022

TRUMA  ERROR  CODE  503  or  NE315   -     ( Only  applies to    2022  models with new control panel   )

TRUMA  iNet  Panel  ( X  Panel  )   Error  code  503 / 315

Currently, the error message E503V - "FW1 Sensor-Timeout" is sporadically displayed.
This is an error in the system, which has no effect on the functions of the panel.

Truma are currently working on a solution, which will be available in one of the next update releases.
As a corrective measure, you can "clear" the error message by restarting the panel, and this way reactivate the display of the fill level.
To do this, please press both keys of the control panel simultaneously for approx. 5sec.
After the screen has turned black, restart the panel by pressing the button again.


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