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Tuesday, March 12 2019

FIAT  COMFORT-MATIC   -  (  6  Speed  Automatic  )


With over  5  million Fiat Ducatos  manufactured  as of  2015   , the  Comfort-matic  is a great  gearbox  - found worldwide
This  is  a manual gearbox  controlled  by a  mechanical robot  to change  gear 
The numbers have proven the reliability , but if  not respected you will destroy the comfort-matic  clutch plate  ,
just like a manual clutch  where we have had a rental customer  destroy a  Fiat Ducato  manual  clutch at  2500km 


The IMPORTANT  thing is  to drive it as per  manufacturers  recommendations  below
, not  as you think  , otherwise  you will have  problems  .
Too  many times  instruction books  are only read  , after a fault  develops 
ALL our  customers are advised  from when vehicle is  New the following information at pick up 



  • Never -  Use the accelelerator to hold the vehicle  from rolling back  on hill  - ( waiting for lights to change )
  • Always -  Change to Manual  Gear  -  when climbing hills   ( to prevent  gear change hunting  ) 
  • Crawling through  townships  -   ALWAYS  - use  manual  gear  to change down  and stay in that manual gear

    All of  these items  above  are important  for a long clutch life  , if  you do Not  adhere to manufacturers  instructions  you will be having
    to pay for a New Clutch  . 

We always advise our rental customers driving  comfort-matic  motorhome the correct  operation  otherwise , abuse will incur a fee for a new clutch ,
at the  hirers  expense  ,  a  comfort-matic  clutch was never  ever  replaced  in our  rental  fleet .

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