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Tuesday, September 04 2018

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Caring For your Eco Leather  Upholstery

It is imperative  to take  care of  your Eco Leather Upholstery in your motorhome  ,
If  you look after  your  upholstery  it  will look after  you  !!  Long  time 

If you do Not look after the upholstery  - it  will deteriorate .
You should  also clean it  when it  starts to soil from dirt  or grease on clothing and  direct dirt on  skin contact  ,

It is  important  NOT   to  use cleaning chemicals on the upholstery as it  will  deteriorate  real quick .
You should only use  a  damp microfibre  cleaning  cloth with a tiny amount of  mild  sunlight  liquid.
DO NOT USE  anything else  , nothing 

You should  also close your roof vent shades  in summer  when vehicle is parked otherwise the sun will damage the interior 
If you do not  do this the  sun will deteriorate your interior real quick  on any motorhome  !!!

The  difference is  if  you dont  close  your blind   on your roof  vents  then the sun will come  through the roof  vents 
(which acts as a magnifying glass  on furnishings and upholstery   in your motorhome  -  and  also overheat  and damage the  interior
thats  why they design them on motorhomes  )


Just like a spa pool cover will generally only last  5 to 6 years 
No more  vinyl  roofs on cars as only would  last approx  5 years 

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